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Kimberly was born on February 6, 1975 and she was named Kimberly Diann McCollum. She was born to Ronald and Connie McCollum. From the minute she took her first breath on this earth, she has been filling people's hearts with joy and gladness. She had a smile you could see a mile away and even as a child she had a captivating and personable personality. She went to Powers Ferry Elementary then on to East Cobb Middle School. She graduated from Wheeler High School in 1993 and there made hundreds of friends and enthralled peers and teachers alike with her charm positive glow. She then went to the University of Georgia for two and half years and then transferred to Georgia State University for a semester. She transferred to Georgia State to be closer to her future husband Michael F. Boyd. Kimberly and Michael met in the summer of 1996 and were married on July 3, 1998.She then transferred from Georgia State to Kennesaw State University where she was two classes away from graduating with a Psychology degree. She put her schooling on hold to have two beautiful children, Connor Michael age five and Chloe Dianna age two.

     During her college years and through the first three years of marriage to Michael, Kimberly had several jobs.   She worked at Coram Health Care as a receptionist for a year and then she worked at Walter R. Thomas Jewelry store for several years where she thoroughly enjoyed helping people pick special gifts for their love ones. She left that job to work fewer hours, while she was pregnant with Connor, to work at The Baby's Room. All the while she was still taking classes and working toward her degree. She stopped her degree work once Connor was born on June 22, 2000. A year later she quit her sales job at the Baby's Room and became a full-time mom.

      In 2000, Kimberly and Mike focused on making their first home together a place to be proud. Their first home was a townhouse in Kennesaw and this is where Connor had his first nursery. In 2001 Kimberly and Michael decided that they needed more space and they sold their townhouse and moved to a four bedroom 2 ½ bath house in Kennesaw at Creekside Subdivision. Kimberly had fun moving into her first full size house and she decorated it impeccably as usual. In 2002 Kimberly and Michael found out that Kimberly was pregnant with Chloe and most of that year was absorbed in making preparations for baby Chloe. The Boyd's decided that they would need more room once again so they decided to use the Creekside house for rental income and they moved into the Bentwater Subdivision one day before Chloe was born.   Chloe was born on September 18, 2003.

     In the summer of 2004 the Boyd's decided to open their Budget Truck Rental store. Kimberly wanted to contribute to the children's future education and well-being by running her own business. The business was perfect for her to work her own hours and still do all she had to do as a full-time mom. She was able to take Chloe to work with her and she made a playroom area for her to enjoy while she was there. Connor was in preschool and Nathan, her 12 year old stepson who they now had full custody of, was in sixth grade. Kimberly balanced her roles as wife, mother, and business owner with savvy and enthusiasm.   In 2005 Kimberly's business and the family were enjoying good times together and looking forward to a long and prosperous life. Nathan and Connor were both enjoying success in both school and on their baseball teams, and Chloe was turning two on the 18 th of September. Her personality was beginning to emerge and Kimberly and Michael were enjoying each other, and their kids, and their careers to a level that can only be fathomed by other extremely happy couples and families.

     Kimberly was a generous, kind-hearted person dedicated to her family and friends. There was always room for another in her home and her door was open to everyone. Kimberly had everything together, physically and emotionally. Her radiant exterior proudly introduced a heart of gold. She literally lit up a room when she entered it. She loved to entertain in her own home and never showed up at another's empty-handed. Kimberly balanced her familial, community, and professional roles with grace and finesse. She cheerfully accepted responsibility and always exceeded expectations in whatever she chose to pursue. She was always the peace maker within her own family and always strived to do what was right and best in regards to her friends and neighbors.

Kimberly was truly an angel here on earth and will be painfully missed now that she is an angel in Heaven.